The latest news of interest to San Leandrans.
From the first meeting of Citizen's for a Safer San Leandro, January 29, 2008:

Sergeant Doug Calcagno shared these burglary and robbery tips:

  • San Leandro has had 216 robberies to date in 2010 [the use of force or violence in unlawfully taking the property of another]
  • Be aware of surroundings.  Predators are looking for vulnerable people; predators pay attention to who is NOT paying attention.
  • 95% of burglaries are caught by “nosy neighbors” calling the police; get the best description you can, license plate number, take notes and call police immediately
  • Dogs, locks, alarms are all good preventative measures; however, a determined burglar can overcome all of these.  But a nosy neighbor calling the police is what burglars fear most.

Lieutenant Jeff Tudor gave statistics and tips on auto theft

  • 169,000 vehicles are stolen in California in a year
  • San Leandro saw a drop in auto theft of 35% in 2010
  • The most vulnerable cars for auto theft in Alameda County currently are:
    • Honda Accord, 1990-1999
    • Honda Civic, 1992-2000
    • Toyota Camry, 1988-1995
    • Acura Integra, 1990-1996

Prevention tips:

  • Mechanical devices, always Lock auto
  • Go to a locksmith and replace locks
  • No lap tops or purses left in car within sight