A mission statement was written: San Leandrans value a neighborhood climate where they can feel safe from criminal acts that violate person or property. Citizens for a Safer San Leandro is a community-based group dedicated to fostering ideas and implementing constructive solutions to support that vision in an inclusive and respectful manner.

Goals were established: 1. Enhance communication between the residents of San Leandro and various City and County agencies. 2. Increase public awareness and involvement in community crime prevention. 3. Work collaboratively to find and implement creative solutions to improve safety.

There were four main areas of focus from the beginning.

  1. The first was to promote the Neighborhood Watch groups as a deterrence to neighborhood crime.
  2. The second was to install motion-activated lighting. Called LAMP [Lights Activated by Motion Project], the plan spelled out the steps and a budget for installing motion lights in five pilot projects of 100 homes each.
  3. The third was to create a website for communication with citizens.
  4. The fourth was working with the San Leandro Police Department and the District Attorney’s office. Residents want to know about crime as it happens. CSSL also wanted to make sure those violating the rights of citizens in San Leandro received just punishment.

In partnership with the San Leandro Police Department, several citywide Crime Prevention meetings were planned to help distribute information on public safety and promote Neighborhood Watch groups. CSSL found volunteers to mentor new watch groups and block captains.

Connie Stephens and her husband, Bill, retired away from San Leandro in 2011 and a new Board was elected.  Currently Citizens for a Safer San Leandro has three officers to lead the organization - a Director, a Community Outreach Coordinator and a Board Member.  Any San Leandro resident wanting to volunteer is encouraged to get involved as we have many opportunities for volunteers.